How We Began

My name is TJ Lindsey and I am the founder of Heart of Christ Ministries. This is our story.

In March of 2010 I was able to come to Peru for the second time. I was able to spend three months in a small hillside community just outside of downtown Lima Peru. Lima Peru is nothing like the small town in Utah where I grew up. I had never seen poverty like I saw in the small hillside community of Caja De Agua. The poverty and neglect that these children faced was unimaginable to me. After spending a few weeks with this kids I decided to start a nonprofit organization to help them. When I started the organization I didn’t know exactly how we would help these kids. I wanted to help with the physical needs but more importantly, I wanted to help with their spiritual needs. After spending three months in Lima I returned to the United States to get back to my normal way of life. But that didn’t happen.

My work had laid me off and bought me a plane ticket to Peru. After spending three months there, my boss called me and asked me to come home and to get back to work. Upon arriving home I was asked by my work to wait a couple weeks before returning to work. That couple weeks turned into a couple months. It was during these couple months when Heart of Christ Ministries was born.

My plan was to set up an official nonprofit organization and raise money and send it to help those kids. That is not exactly how it turned out. After waiting two months to go back to work I decided to sell all my belongings and move to Peru. So I did. For the next month I raised money and sold my belongings to buy a plane ticket to return to Peru. I have been here ever since.

Upon arriving in Peru on October 5th 2010 I began working with the children in the hillside community of Caja De Agua. Over the time that I have been here we have focused on teaching the children the Bible. We meet with these kids five days a week. We also teach them English. We also have an adult Bible study for the parents of the kids on Friday nights.