Usually by this time we have raised the money we needed and are ready to start buying the presents for the kids. This year we have not received nearly what we usually receive. We understand that this year has been difficult for all of us and you guys have given beyond your means. But, If you are in a position to give, please do, if not, we understand. We would like to be able to purchase a $35 gift for each child, but it isn’t looking like that will be an option. If we don’t receive what we need to get each child a gift we plan to give each child a typical Peruvian Christmas desert. Please pray that the children and their families would be thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and that the Lord would bring them to a place of repentance and faith. May Christ be exalted. Sadly, because of the restrictions that are still in place here, we will not be able to have our normal Christmas party that we have every year. The gifts will be delivered the same way the groceries are delivered each month, they will be given to the parents. I will be recording a Christmas lesson for the kids to watch at home with their families. May God use this to reach even more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
For years we have used Facebook as our primary means of communication with those of you who support the work in Peru. Due to the increased censorship and throttling of content on the network we have decided to look for new ways to communicate with our supporters. After much prayer we have decided to communicate with all of you directly through email. We will still be active on social media but our main communication with you all will be through email. Email, for the most part, is still treated as a platform rather than a publisher unlike social media. If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to me at
This has been such a difficult time for us as a ministry and for the families we minister to. As I write this, it is November 20th, 2020, and children are still not allowed out of the house. Praise the Lord, last week we were able to return to congregating for church on Sunday mornings for the first time in 8 months. We still have no idea when children will be able to leave their homes, let alone when we will be able to have normal classes with the kids again. We have been meeting, illegally, with a few of the kids while we record our lessons to be shared with the rest of the kids via YouTube. This has taken its toll on all of us. We are so ready to get back to normal. We continue preaching the gospel and teaching God’s word to the children and their families through the videos they watch. We will never stop preaching the gospel. Please pray that the government would loosen restrictions enough that we could have normal classes. Many of the schools that the children attend have already decided to continue with online classes into the middle of next year. The outlook is not good. We will continue doing everything we can to preach the gospel and teach God’s word to these kids and their families.
By God’s grace, and your generosity, we have been able to help so much this year

In 2020, so far, by God’s grace and your generosity, we have been able to give away nearly $150,000 in food to the kids and their families. It has been extremely difficult here in Peru. The economy is in really bad shape, almost 50% of the population is unemployed. Your generosity has gotten the families through this extremely difficult time. We had a dozen families leave Lima to return to the small towns they come from to try to make it through all of this. About half of those families have returned to Lima or plan to return soon. People are struggling but they are getting by with your help. The economy is slowly opening back up but most people are out of money and having a hard time getting back on their feet.

The Lindsey Family

My family and I had plans to come stateside in July but because of the Coronavirus those plans were put on hold. By the grace of God we got a refund for our tickets. A few weeks ago we started hearing rumors of really cheap flights and that the border was about to open. We found tickets and were able to buy them with our credit card miles, We bought three tickets with the miles we used to buy one ticket for our trip in July. It was a deal we couldn’t pass up. This trip to the states will be spent mostly in Utah with my family. We are still unsure if we will be able to travel when we plan to. My Peruvian residence, Mya’s Peruvian ID card and passport and Pam’s passport have all expired during the government shutdown. Renewing all of these documents has been very time consuming and difficult. We still have a long way to go in renewing everything. We had to drive six hours each way to renew Mya’s ID card and we still won’t receive the actual ID for a few more weeks. That ID is needed to get her passport. There are no available appointments in Lima so all of this needs to be done outside of the city. Please pray that we can get all of this taken care of before January.

This has also slowed down the process of buying the property. The purchase cannot move forward until my residency is renewed. Please pray that they would continue holding the lots until we are able to make the purchase.

Thank you guys so much for your continued support during this difficult time. We are so grateful for you.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the situation here gets better and we can get back to regular classes next year.

  2. Pray that our trip to the states would be productive and we wouldn’t get stuck there due to new Covid lockdowns.

  3. Pray that as we continue classes online and in person that children and their family members would hear the gospel, repent and believe on Christ. 

  4. Pray that the governing authorities would not bother us while we illegally hold classes in person.

  5. I would like to ask you to please pray for two children each day. (Mon-Fri) I will list the children below and what day I would like you to pray for them.


Help Us Start A New Work

Pam and I have desired for many years to open a new ministry in one of the more poor and remote areas of Lima. We found a piece of property and are in the process of raising funds to purchase it. Please consider helping us with this.

Heart of Christ Feet Logo

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10:14–15

Thank You!

Currently there are no children eligible to be sponsored. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact TJ directly at: Or subscribe now, and we will assign a child to you when one becomes eligible.
To sponsor a child please click the “Subscribe” button that is below the photo of the child you would like to sponsor. Each Sponsorship is $35 a month and will be automatically donated each month. Each $35 donation will be used to provide $25 worth of groceries, clothing, medicine, etc. for the child and $10 to provide quality biblical classes three times a week for the child. Thank you for considering sponsoring a child with Heart Of Christ.
Our ministry is located in one of the poorest and most dangerous districts of Lima Peru. The majority of what we do revolves around the children of this small community. Three or four days a week we offer a children’s bible class where the kids from the area can come…